Designing glasses as jewels…

John Dalia is born from a dream of beauty and refinement: Discover through the brand what the world of high jewelry has to offer to eyewear. The special combination of yellow, black or rose gold with delicate frames definitely creates stunning elegance!

and 100% made
in France

John Dalia’s glasses collections are made according to the rules of French craftsmanship. Here, we work only with precious materials. Indeed, our frames result from 80 controlled manufacturing processes. We are glad to work hand in hand with our manufacturers in order to answer the needs of the most demanding clientele.

Spreading glamour around…

Inspired by actors with overflowing charisma, or even artists with great various talents, John Dalia collections are made to tell love stories, stories of fantasies, where the best of French heritage meets iconic timeless style of all time.

“Despite the great amount of celebrities that currently exists, I believe the finest hour of icons is behind us. This is the reason why we wish to revive icons through John Dalia’s flagship models.”


The Designer who stands behind the brand is above all a precursor who feeds a passion for eyewear. In 2011, he decided to realize his vision and created his eponymous brand John Dalia.

From this moment, everything went very fast for him! The frames met a great success and were quickly adopted by major personalities of French fashion.

Today, John Dalia is established worldwide through selective shops such as famous Marc Le Bihan, Galeries Lafayette, Les Suites Paris, Excelsior Milano, MC Market Monaco, Level 6ix Taiwan and many more.

This is our invitation to discover our finest frames “Grace K.”, “Marilyn M.”, “Nile” or “David B.” and to reveal the glamour icon that sleeps in you!